Human Connection: The Missing Step in Remote Employee Onboarding


Remotely onboarding new hires is the new reality in our distributed world.

Employers tend to create remote onboarding plans that serve as bureaucratic checklists: filling out forms, signing documents, and watching training videos. 

But virtual and hybrid employee onboarding should not start with checklists. It should start with connection.

Employee retention doesn’t come from a step-by-step onboarding plan that focuses on the literal. In an ecosystem that lacks water cooler conversations, lunchrooms,  and open bars at holiday parties, employers need to find ways to connect employees and build relationships. 

This is where remote onboarding platforms like twine come in.

twine for virtual employee onboarding 

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twine’s software makes it easy to remotely onboard new hires in a way that fosters genuine connection. Instead of gathering your team into one big Zoom meeting for a happy hour - which comes with the inevitable forced conversation and awkward voice overlaps - our software enables you to pair off your coworkers for timed, back-to-back conversations with people that makes it easier to form genuine connections. 

Don’t worry: this doesn’t mean you have to do research on your coworkers and painstakingly separate them into breakout rooms. twine does this for you.

Our software comes in two forms: a Breakout Room app for Zoom, or a web-based software that works no matter what meeting platform your team uses.

In both versions, the process is simple: with the click of a button, hosts can pair engineers with writers, US employees with international employees, mentors with mentees… they can even pair people based on common interests.

During the rounds, your coworkers can answer themed icebreaker questions, play games, or participate in brainstorming sessions. 

Companies that use twine for remote employee onboarding see substantially more engagement from attendees; clients that have used twine cite a 30-50% increase in successful connections amongst their teams .

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Foster camaraderie & connection

Teams that use twine see higher engagement, increased productivity, and strengthened connections amongst employees.