twine for Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is about more than filling out forms, signing documents, and watching training videos. It’s about connection.

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of employees leave a job in the first 90 days if they aren’t properly onboarded.

Here’s how twine makes virtual employee onboarding better:

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It's easy.

Make your onboarding sessions interactive and social in seconds.

It's flexible.

Ensure the right folks are talking using twine's tag and rule based matching engine. Match mentors with mentees, new hires with old, etc.

It's fun.

twine comes with Icebreakers and pre-set templates that make it simple to guide your people towards meaningful conversation.

Connection matters.

Investing just a few minutes at the beginning and end of your onboarding sessions leads to stronger cohort connection and camaraderie.

all-hands meetings

Companies use twine for:

New Hire Happy Hours
Virtual Office Tours
New Hire Training
Internal Networking Events
Team Meet & Greets
Meet the Executive

The specifics

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Small group discussions on learnings

Need to break out into small groups to discuss onboarding material?  Want to match mentors with mentees? Within seconds, twine hosts can set rules that match employees for 1-on-1 or group conversations based on the needs of your meeting.

twine automatically rotates employees for you, guaranteeing uniqueness in matches and cutting back on awkward transition periods between sessions.

Structured discussions

twine’s software comes with tons of built-in conversation prompts (i.e. icebreakers, team building questions, sales kickoffs…) but also makes it easy for hosts to upload their own prompts to a twine session. Employers can design specific questions that help employees review & discuss onboarding content.

Building connection

“Cohort Connection” — that sense of unity that coworkers have during in-person trainings & onboarding — often gets overlooked in remote sessions; twine brings it back.

Saving time

If you’ve ever tried to set up Breakout Rooms in Zoom, you know how time-consuming it can be– particularly if you need certain employees or departments paired with one another.

Breaking up the content

Throw in a quick round-robin twine session between training sessions, where employees can connect with team members and take the same kind of break they would in the office.

Why is connection especially important during the remote onboarding process?

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Fostering relationships
  • 52% of remote employees feel less connected to their coworkers in today’s climate.
  • In a remote / distributed environment, you need to be intentional about helping your new employees build their networks - twine can help.
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Career progression
  • 45% of remote employees feel that career growth is more difficult to achieve in a remote landscape.
  • Twine helps your new employees build the connections that they will need — with peers, with execs, across departments — that they will need to advance.
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Information sharing
  • 17% of remote employees feel that remote work makes communication & collaboration a challenge.
  • Remote employees don’t have the opportunity to spontaneously discuss both personal and work-related matters in the office.
  • twine helps new employees build and gain trust with peers that leads to better knowledge transfer.

How twine creates great onboarding experiences

In ecosystems that lack water cooler conversations, lunchrooms, and open bars at holiday parties, distributed teams need to find ways to connect employees and build relationships.

twine for Zoom and Slack - employee connection for remote and distributed teams around the globetwine is global

Timed, back-to-back conversations with coworkers

Conversation starters curated for your new hires

Bridging weak ties both geographically and departmentally

twine works where you do: add us to your Zoom calls, start a twine in Slack, or send a twine web link in your MS Teams chat

twine new hire onboarding sessions receive an average NPS of 90

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