twine for DEI, ERGs, SKOs, and more

The use cases for twine are endless. Whether you're a growth-stage startup, a thousand-person corporation, or a teacher with remote students, twine has a solution for you.

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of remote workers feel less connected to their peers than they did in person.

connection & engagement for every landscape

Match any kind of attendee (student, coworker, event attendee...) for timed, back-to-back conversations based on custom rules.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

twine's software is built to power meaningful conversations.

twine's small-group & 1:1 timed conversations come with guiding questions that create space for employees to feel both heard and compelled to listen.

Employee resource groups (ERG)

twine creates space for community and inclusion through our unique ability to connect attendees for impactful, meaningful conversations.

Match employees for timed, back-to-back conversations based on interests, roles, & more.

Sales Kickoffs (SKOs)

SKOs need to be more than another meeting on the calendar. They need to energize & motivate employees.

twine's software comes with dedicated Sales Kickoff conversation topics, with task assignment coming soon.

Education & Remote Learning

Save tons of time setting up Breakout Rooms; twine for Zoom makes it easy to rotate students through pre-assigned & custom breakout conversations. Keep them energized with icebreakers, activity assignment, and progress monitoring.

all-hands meetings

Companies use twine for:

Company Policy Discussions
New Hire Training
Feedback Sessions
Meet the Executive

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