Teach, learn, and network– without leaving Zoom.

Educational institutions - ranging from K-12, to Higher Ed, to alumni associations - use twine every day to connect their communities.

twine helped our engineering program give students the 1:1 time they deserved. We were able to pair every student with an alum for speed dating-style mock interviews. We ended up powering 500+ conversations with the app. We could have never done something like this manually.

twine is great for...

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Alumni networking

Run full-on networking events in Zoom using twine's tag-based matching engine. Match attendees based on any custom rule.

Distance learning

Students shouldn’t have to dread Breakout Rooms. Shake things up by sending students into a twine to discuss learning material in a way that’s fun.

Recruiting events

Connect alumni based on their skills, experience, majors, or interests for timed, back-to-back conversations.

Building community

Keep school spirit strong, no matter where in the world alumni are.

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The specifics

Small group discussions on learnings

Need to break out into small groups to discuss learning material? Want to match TA’s with students? Within seconds, twine hosts can set rules that match participants for 1-on-1 or group conversations based on the needs of your meeting.

twine automatically rotates participants for you, guaranteeing uniqueness in matches and cutting back on awkward transition periods between sessions.

Saving time

If you’ve ever tried to set up Breakout Rooms in Zoom, you know how time-consuming it can be– particularly if you need certain students or alumni paired with one another. twine does it for you in seconds.

Structured discussions

twine’s software comes with tons of built-in conversation prompts to get conversations flowing.

Building connection amongst students & alumni

Twine makes it possible for schools to connect students and alumni with one another, whether for distance learning, networking, or recruiting events.

Breaking up the content

Throw in a quick round-robin twine session between training sessions, where employees can connect with team members and take the same kind of break they would in the office.

all-hands meetings

Schools, alumni associations, and bootcamps use twine for:

Alumni Networking
Group Projects
Student Orientations
Virtual Job Fairs
Internship Matching
Distance Learning

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