twine for Slack: Meet your new office watercooler!

twine for Slack is the easiest way to bring conversation, connection, and camaraderie to your remote or distributed team. And it all happens where they’re already spending their time — right in Slack.
Just choose a channel to kick things off!

How does twine for Slack work?

👋 Connect your remote team in 3 easy steps for instant, real-time video conversations that promote engagement and camaraderie:

A host within your team sets up a twine room, right in Slack.
twine for Slack
A twine link is sent to everyone in the Slack channel.
twine for Slack chat
Team members join and are guided through 5-minute conversations.
twine for Slack screenshot
twine for Slack screenshotSlack icon

Why people love twine for Slack

No Notifications: No noisy notifications, bots, or annoying reminders

Real Connection: Create authentic, human connection with real-time video calls

It’s Free: No credit card is required to install

Simple Setup: So easy to set up, you can connect your team in less than 5 minutes

Instant Impact: Receive a summary of all the conversations after your twine

Connect your employees with twine

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