twine for Internal Events & Team Meetings

Virtual meetings don’t need to be one way information dumps. With twine, instantly transform your team meeting, all hands, or internal event into interactive, networking experiences.

of remote workers don't feel connected to their team

Bring human connection to any virtual meeting or event.

Virtual meetings don’t need to be one-way information dumps. With twine, instantly transform your team meeting, all hands, or internal event into interactive, networking-building experiences.

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Here’s how twine makes your internal meetings better:

It's easy.

Make your virtual meeting or event interactive and social in seconds.

It's flexible.

Ensure the right folks are talking using twine's tag and rule based matching engine.

It's fun.

twine comes with Icebreakers and pre-set templates that make it simple to guide your people towards meaningful connection.

Connection matters.

Investing just a few minutes at the beginning and end of your virtual meetings and events can lead to stronger connection and camaraderie.

all-hands meetings

Companies use twine for:

All Hands
Internal Networking Events
New Hire Training
Virtual Happy Hours
Sales Kickoffs
Meet the Executive

The specifics

Teams who use twine for meetings see higher engagement, increased productivity, and strengthened connections amongst employees.

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Our algorithm connects employees based on custom rules set by the meeting host

Need to match mentors with mentees? Sales with Product? Within seconds, twine hosts can set rules that match employees for 1-on-1 or group conversations based on the needs of your meeting.

Save hours on meeting setup & Breakout Session facilitation

If you’ve ever tried to set up Breakout Rooms in Zoom, you know how time-consuming it can be– particularly if you need certain employees or departments paired with one another.

twine automatically rotates employees for you, guaranteeing uniqueness in matches and cutting back on awkward transition periods between sessions.

Foster meaningful & productive conversations with prompts

twine comes with built-in icebreakers for all kinds of use cases: we have packs for all-hands meetings, sales kickoffs, get-to-know-you’s, and so much more. Hosts can even upload their own prompts.

Switching up the daily meeting routine

Start and end calls with a quick round-robin twine session, where employees can connect with team members that they may not speak directly to otherwise.

twine works where you do. Use our Slack app to spark spontaneous conversation, generate a twine web link in 20 seconds, or open up twine for Zoom without leaving your call.

Connect your employees with twine

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