Head of Marketing


About the role

This role exists to fire the engine that drives the growth of the business.  We believe that there is massive latent demand for what we have built, and that most companies in the world are facing workplace connectivity issues related to the hard shift to virtual.  With almost zero marketing and sales investment to date, we are seeing signs of a high retention, fast growing business.

But we have not yet built a scalable go-to-market engine.  

Along with our sales, community, and channel leaders, this role will be a crucial part of our Go-To-Market machine, responsible for filling our pipeline of new business, collaborating with the company founders on brand, and engaging with our customers with an eye towards influencing expansion opportunities.  

Your key responsibilities will be to:

  • Help us better understand our ideal customer profile and weave these learnings into our brand, our content, our campaigns, and our communications.
  • Coordinate our content strategy and spearhead our paid advertising efforts.
  • Collaborate with our product team on building engagement loops and driving product led growth initiatives.
  • Work hand in hand with our sales team on campaigns that tell compelling stories around specific use cases.
  • Collaborate with our community team on live events that are attractive to our ideal customer profile.

Who we are and what we believe

twine (twine.nyc) is a fast growing, venture funded, b2b startup that is in the business of serendipity.  Specifically, we develop professional networking and watercooler applications designed to connect remote teams, through the wedge of virtual events, and to expand opportunities for professional growth for our end users. 

Our mission is to power conversations that lead to personal and professional growth, which ultimately leads to healthier teams.  Our customers include Microsoft, Amazon, Google, eBay and more, and we are excited to help our customers bring workplace connectivity to remote / hybrid first environments.

With a battle tested product that boasts world class NPS and Customer Satisfaction and plenty of funding in the bank, we believe it is time to hit the gas.

We are a small but mighty team that believes that conversations can change the world.  We believe that humans shouldn’t be held hostage to the networks that they are born into, and that software can help democratize access; access to the best people, the best jobs, the best opportunities, while also fostering connectivity among high performing teams.

While we are excited about the promise of remote work and appreciate the flexibility it affords, we are acutely aware that this next chapter of the workplace will bring its own set of challenges; here @ twine we are determined to go deep on this problem.  For more on the emerging science and research around remote work and team connectivity, please see this excellent study.

Our team is remote-first, with valued team members in New York, Madurai, Miami, San Francisco, Phoenix, Calgary, Fresno, Manila, and Buenos Aires.  We have no limitations on location for this role. 

Our Core Values:

  • Optimism - we strive to see the Good.
  • Curiosity - we ask questions.
  • Resilience - we bounce back.
  • Cameras On - we show up, and bring our whole selves.
  • Impact - we strive to build software in service of humanity.

About you

You’re a great fit for this role because:

  • You are ready to make the jump; you have held a key role with a SaaS market leader, preferably marketing to enterprise clients.
  • You have 5-7 years of experience in DemandGen at a SaaS company with an ACV of $10-$25K.
  • You have had some exposure to Product Led Growth strategies, and understand next gen b2b growth strategies around engagement loops.
  • You have experience coordinating marketing agencies, from PPC to SEO to PR.
  • You are an expert communicator and storyteller.
  • You thrive in ambiguity, and when given the proper context, can make good decisions.
  • You are customer-centric and love helping people.
  • You are very organized and can juggle both issue resolution & concise communication.
  • You are someone who lights up a room, is emotionally intelligent and great at building relationships.
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Teams that use twine see higher engagement, increased productivity, and strengthened connections amongst employees.