#twineTalks Rethinking the SKO for a Remote World

Nov 23, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

There’s nothing more exciting than the start of a new sales year - a fresh start, a clean canvas, and endless opportunities to take the market. Your sales team is among your most motivated and ambitious group so you must find high energy ways to train, motivate, and connect them if you want to see results.

Sales Kickoffs (SKOs) have always been about energizing the team, sharing the bigger picture, and education. In a remote world, you have lots of ways to distribute strategy and content to your sales team, but connecting them to share best practices, celebrate successes, and socialize with each other can be challenging. Without these elements, your sales kick off becomes just another online meeting in their calendar.

Join us for our #twineTalks event where we will share strategies on how to design engaging, interactive virtual SKOs.

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Teams that use twine see higher engagement, increased productivity, and strengthened connections amongst employees.