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The One Thing You Need to Check.

Break down information silos and keep your team connected with Ambient, the new narrator for your business.

Connection & context, streamlined into a personalized feed.

No more wading through the noise of 20 Slack channels, or watching hours of Looms, or asking your peers for “quick updates.”

Ambient tells every employee what they need to know: the 3 minutes of that Loom that they can’t miss. The product update from Jira that just went live. The deal that just got marked as closed in Hubspot.

By harnessing the power of Generative AI, ambient breaks down information silos and allows hybrid workplaces to operate faster, better, and more transparently.

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Tune the dial to your team’s preferences and roles.

Ambient gives your team members the ability to customize an informative and fun feed that reflects their role, preferences, and personality.

Teams choose whether they see…

an hourly summary of CRM leads or a daily roundup;

every product note taken in Jira or an AI-generated summary at EOD;

a play-by-play of coworkers’ remote-vs-WFH status or a monthly travel calendar;

a feed voiced by Morgan Freeman or The Rock…

... and pretty much anything else you can think of.

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