Bizzabo + twine: Stronger Together


As twine continues to refine its offerings and expands its remote work use cases, identifying the right partners is critical. 

Any great partnership starts with a conversation.  Through conversation comes insight.  Through insight comes understanding.  Understanding leads to efficient action.  And through action comes value.  Without the ability to create value, a partnership is futile.  This is why we are excited and honored to announce that twine is one of a handful of point solutions fully integrated into the Bizzabo platform.  As our partnership evolves, exciting news will soon emerge that will further unlock event experiences (spoiler alert!).

Integration: A Seamless User Experience

This summer a bunch of really smart people from our teams decided it made a lot of sense to start working on an API integration of twine within Bizzabo.  So why spend all of that valuable engineering time on an integration?  The customer of course!  When their guests login to Bizzabo for an event, they want a seamless experience.  Eliminating the need to have multiple windows open, or having to login again, or having to leave the platform to participate in the networking is paramount.  With our new integration, attendees experience a Single Sign On (SSO) integration that prioritizes the user experience while keeping sensitive data safe and secure. 

Happy Customers

There’s a popular, if not cliché, expression that the customer is ALWAYS right.  Some will claim to be customer obsessed.  At twine, we strive to be customer centric instead.  Understanding the problems, friction, challenges, and opportunities our customers face allows us to design products that not only serve a need, but solve a problem. Integrating into Bizzabo heads off issues before they can happen.  It eliminates the barriers between human connection, smooths the path to remote engagement, and allows the experience and event designer to check one more critical box - engagement during your virtual experience.


There are many positive benefits to partnership. 

twine empowers Bizzabo to fill a gap, allowing their attendees to participate in truly engaging networking opportunities.  Conversely, Bizzabo provides twine access to enterprise customers who have internal and external event engagement needs.   These organizations can also leverage twine as a solution to support employee onboarding, create a virtual watercooler, or power sales kickoffs and DE&I conversations.  Typical channel metrics are key (# of referrals, events powered together, attendees reached, etc.), but at the root, our partnership begins with collaboration. 

We bounce ideas off of each other regarding go to market strategy, website design, promotions, and customer success.  Bringing in a different perspective from a trusted partner is invaluable for us.

Stronger Together

Though our partnership is relatively young, it’s already strong.  Event designers need unique and engaging experiences for their stakeholders.  C-levels need culture fusing solutions to retain talent and stimulate innovation.  Our partnership is committed to providing the designers with tools to achieve their objectives and attendees to make more human connections.      

The Future of Event Experience

On the heels of October’s Event Experience Operating System announcement, Bizzabo will spin up “The Future of Event Experience” on November 16th.  Imagine, if you will, an action packed hour with impactful keynotes, product innovations and special announcements.  twine will be featured as a strategic partner day of to celebrate the expansion of tools for their existing and future customers.  Bizzabo is bringing it all together for the people who bring us together.  Here’s more information on the show. 


Partnering with great agencies and other solution providers enables us to bring the power of twine to more attendees, organizations, and clients. If you're interested in partnering with us, learn more on our integrations page or reach out and book a time to meet with our Head of Partnerships, Evan Casey here.

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Written by
Evan Casey

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