Speed Networking on Zoom: Mode is Right for You?

If you’re wondering how to do speed networking on Zoom, you’ve come to the right place.

The only way to run a speed networking event on Zoom is by using twine for Zoom. twine for Zoom is a Zoom App that enables hosts to automatically sort participants into timed, back-to-back Breakout Room conversations based on custom pairing rules.

With twine for Zoom, hosts can…

  • 🪢 Automatically sort participants into roulette style Breakout Rooms for timed, back-to-back small group or 1:1 conversations
  • 👀 Set custom sorting rules for Breakout Rooms based on any variable you choose; match mentors with mentees, HR with new hires, students with research assistants…
  • 🗺️ Create themed tables in Visual Breakouts Mode; participants can hop in and out of Breakout Rooms as they please
  • 💥Click through icebreakers while in a Breakout Room to get the conversation flowing.
  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑Save their speed networking rules as templates for one-click setup

Twine for Zoom comes with four different virtual speed networking modes that can be run within Zoom. Read on to find which one is right for you. 

For randomized, roulette-style conversations: Speed Networking Mode

Speed Networking mode is a timed Breakout mode that allows hosts to sort participants into randomly assigned, back-to-back Breakout conversations that automatically rotate to a new match after a given amount of time. 

Speed networking mode is a great way to start and end team meetings with a few minutes of casual connection. It’s also great for virtual events where you want to get the conversation flowing between presentations. 

Check out this video to see how to run Speed Networking mode. 

For custom matching (virtual event networking, need-based speed networking): A/B Mode

A/B mode is Speed Networking mode with a twist. Instead of randomly assigning participants to back-to-back Breakout Room conversations, the host can create custom sorting rules. Hosts can match mentors with mentees, job-seekers with employers, teaching assistants with students… the options are limitless. 

A/B mode is great for any kind of event or meeting where you need a certain group to meet with members of another group. Instead of manually sorting participants into Breakouts, A/B mode makes it possible to run advanced speed networking on Zoom with the click of a few buttons. 

Watch the video to see how to do it.

For advanced matching: Multi-Tag Mode

Multi-tag mode is similar to the above modes in that the host creates tags where participants self-identify who they are. The difference here, though, is that participants also select who they want to match with– and they can select more than one identifier.

So if you’re running a recruiting event, for example, you can create tags that allow participants to identify that they are both a job-seeker and a job-seeker with certain skills. They can also identify industries or locations that they are seeking a job. 

Check out this video on Multi-Tag Speed Networking. 

For themed conversations (team meetings, socials): Visual Breakout Mode

Say you don’t want to create timed Breakout Rooms; you’d rather your participants come and go as they please. Visual Breakout Mode allows hosts to create themed Breakout Rooms that participants can join and leave at any time.

An example of this is ERGs. At a team meeting, you can create tables for “Women’s Network,” “Sustainability Committee,” “Veterans’ Support,” “LGBTQ+ Network,” etc. Participants can then move in and out of the rooms at their will. 

Here’s how to use Visual Breakout Mode on twine for Zoom. 


Whichever mode you choose, all of twine for Zoom’s modes accomplish the same thing: creating connection amongst remote communities. 

Download twine for Zoom and try them out– it’s free for up to 5 people!

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