twine to Acquire Glimpse (YC W20)


Early #remotework Innovators Team Up to Reimagine Zoom Breakout Rooms

Remote, Remote, February 10, 2022 - The combined company will launch twine for Zoom, a new way to connect and network within Zoom Breakout Rooms, built for Zoom Apps.

Effective immediately, twine, a remote-first company that builds software that brings belonging and community to remote teams and virtual events, has acquired Glimpse, a developer of software for human connection. The combined company boasts hundreds of corporate, higher education, and virtual event-based customers who use the companies’ software to connect, network, and build belonging & community.

“We’ve admired the Glimpse team and products from afar for a long time, and we are thrilled to be teaming up with them,” said twine CEO and Co-Founder Lawrence Coburn. “What they’ve managed to build within the Zoom ecosystem is nothing short of remarkable, with game-changing impact for remote teams and virtual events.”

The two companies have followed a similar trajectory and share the same mission; to use the power of software to bring people together for meaningful connection, despite physical distance. Both companies have felt significant market pull from the rise of remote work.

“As we thought about the next chapter for Glimpse, most important to us was teaming up with a group that shared our mission and values,” said Glimpse CEO and Co-Founder Helena Merk. “twine is that and more - we have felt a connection with their team and products from day one.”

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. has arguably become one of the most important companies in the age of remote work. An early developer for Zoom Apps, Glimpse has been working closely with Zoom to build sophisticated applications that leverage Zoom Breakout Rooms, the perfect solution for conference, huddle, and training rooms, as well as executive offices, clinics, and classrooms.

“Glimpse is a great example of a highly innovative company utilizing the Zoom App Marketplace to enhance the customer experience,” said Ross Mayfield, Product Lead Zoom Apps & Integrations. “I look forward to seeing the twine team bring twine for Zoom to market.”

twine for Zoom will give Zoom customers access to a powerful set of matchmaking, spatial networking, and virtual water cooler tools that are simple to deploy, and fun to use. Some of the use cases enabled by twine for Zoom include employee engagement activities such as company socials and all hands, new hire onboarding, community meetups, networking sessions at virtual events, and many more.

“There is an important category of software to be built around helping remote-first and hybrid companies foster healthy teams, build belonging, and bolster culture,” said twine Co-Founder and Head of Product, Taylor McLoughlin. “While it’s early days still, we believe that twine and Glimpse together will be a market leader in this space.”

Companies and organizations who wish to get an early look at twine for Zoom may join the waitlist here.

About twine

Founded by startup veterans, twine is an early stage, remote first company that develops software to bring connection, belonging and community to remote teams and virtual events. The company has raised $4.3M in seed funding from Moment Ventures, Coelius Capital, Hinge Capital and more, and works with customers such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Forrester. Core use cases of twine include employee engagement events, speed networking, new employee onboarding, digital watercooler, community events, and many more.

About Glimpse

Glimpse is an early stage, Y Combinator– and Maven Ventures– backed, startup in San Francisco. They are building the next generation of software to foster authentic relationship building. Their online community speed matching platform has connected millions of people since launching in March 2020. Now, they are excited to bring innovative features into the Zoom client, engaging remote communities and making relationships stronger and healthier.

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Lawrence Coburn

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Teams that use twine see higher engagement, increased productivity, and strengthened connections amongst employees.