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Break down knowledge silos with the power of AI.

twine Ambient surfaces compelling updates from business systems and summarizes them for your team in a single feed.

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AI Powered Summaries, Distributed to your Team

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Automatically post Zoom meeting summaries to your feed.

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Automatically post daily digests of select Slack channels to your feed.

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Get automatic summaries of relevant news articles posted directly to your feed.

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an AI narrator for your business

How does it work?

twine Ambient makes it easy to distribute critical updates to your team and break down knowledge silos.

Ambient uses AI to automatically summarize Zoom recordings, Slack channels, news articles, and more, and distributes these updates via a single feed. Example customers include:

Founders & Chiefs of Staff




Break down knowledge silos now.

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Summarize and share Zoom recordings.

Ambient makes it dead simple to record, summarize, and share Zoom All Hands & Team Meetings.  Preserve the learnings from your most important team meetings!

Over 200 teams worldwide rely on us
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Employee insights, all in one place.

twine’s Studio gives employers access to advanced controls and detailed reporting.

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See who connected with whom

Duplicate & re-create previous rooms with one click

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Personalize your experience.

Hosts can upload their own conversation topics, or select from our infinite library of curated questions. twine has built-in templates for all-hands meetings, sales kickoffs, onboarding, and more.

Save time on setting up breakout rooms

Setting up breakout rooms - particularly when you need to pair certain employees — can take hours. twine takes seconds.

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Not convinced? Hear from our customers

Onboard new hires.
"We used twine to help onboard a class of new hires, and were able to quickly and easily ensure that they met each other and our existing team. I am excited to see where they take the product!"
Tiernan Madorno
Tiernan Madorno
Program Manager, Microsoft
Foster community connection.
"twine was the perfect choice for me to bring the Event Tech Founders Forum community together for the purest form of networking. The platform helped the community to focus on building relationships, partnerships and connections which is of huge value to the members of our community."
Adam Parry
Adam Parry
Director, Event Tech Live
Bring warmth to digital networking.
"twine sets the stage for deeper human connections in shorter timeframes. In the currently evolving climate of work and what matters in life, twine offers a welcome warmth to the digital networking space that is critical now and will remain important for a forever changed future."
Tahira Endean
Tahira Endean
Head of Events, SITE Global


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Pricing that fits your needs

Free for up to 6 people, then we’ll help design a plan that’s best for you.


For teams looking to try something new.
Participants: up to 6
  • twine for Zoom & twine for Web
  • All modes
  • Self-guided support
twine is global


For individuals, SMBs, education, training, accelerators, nonprofits, & communities.
$19/mo. per host
Participants: unlimited
  • twine for Zoom (all modes)
  • 1:1 training from our team
  • Discounted annual rate ($190/year)
17% discount
$190/yr. per host
Participants: Unlimited
  • twine for Zoom (all modes)
  • 1:1 training from our team
  • Discounted annual rate ($190/year)


For distributed teams & companies with 100+ employees
Participants: unlimited
  • twine for Zoom & twine for Web
  • Everything from Pro
  • Infosec / Security questionnaires
  • Dedicated support
  • Analytics / Reporting
  • Slack app
  • SSO

One-click meeting summaries for your teams

AI powered summaries from Slack, Zoom, and more, delivered in a single team feed.